My ways…

…are higher declares the Lord Isaiah 55:8-9

Treasured moments…..

that heal this Mama’s heart.

I know it was only a few days ago that I made an entry on here, but hey there is no rhyme or reason to the things that run through my head.

Just had lunch with ALL of my kids.  So rare now for us, but treasured, at least by me 🙂

Five years ago I could not have imagined that I would be writing this post.   As I look back over the years of the thousands of meals my family has had together, starting when Chris and I got married I can’t say that I even thought family meal time was my favorite time.  I know, I know.  All the experts out there always push how important family meal time is.  How your children will certainly end up in some type of therapy if they don’t experience some sort of regular family meal time.  To me, as the cook, the cleaner upper, the mom, the tired mom, I thought family meal time was highly over rated.   Somehow, all the hours of meal preparation, anticipation of great family time, never quite materialized as what I remembered growing up.  The reality was children bickering, complaining about not liking the food prepared, dealing with bad attitudes, bickering, teaching manners, bickering, trying to have some sort of devotions, and did I mention bickering?

And then Chris died.  I remember that first meal we were going to have as family after Chris died.  All the company was gone and it was just us.  Rachel and I were setting the table.  Then Rachel started crying.  “what do I do with Dad’s plate?” she asked.  That was a quiet meal.  All of us painfully aware of the empty seat at the end of the table. There was no bickering.

Meal times since Chris died are treasured.  They are rare.   Trying to get 5 adults together with busy work schedules can be a challenge.  But when it happens it’s great.  Gone is the bickering.  There’s a soberness that we shouldn’t take it for granted.   Much healing has taken place around our table in the last 18 months.  Many tears have been shed, many laughs have been shared.

Today the laughter flowed.  Memory after memory of Chris was shared.  It’s so neat to see how they all remember him in a different way.  I wish he could see how they are maturing into great young adults.  How they don’t bicker any more, how they remember many of the things he taught them and what good friends they are too each other. Oh yeah, the problems are still there.  But for this meal, the problems were set aside, and all the years of those stressful meals bore fruit.

Psalm 36:5 
 Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.



  1. Pamala Price

    I REJOICE and CELEBRATE with you!!!!!!!

  2. This made me cry. Happy tears. Sort of. More like bittersweet? It is great to watch the kiddos grow into mature adults. Bittersweet, but sweet! Love you!

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